Laura Seago, founder of Futliit LED backpacks

The start of something...

I'm Laura and I came up with the idea of Futliit LED backpacks with my husband Richard.

Our story started when our eldest daughter started secondary school and had to walk to and from the school bus. We live in rural Warwickshire and our village has no streetlights nor pavement.

As the nights drew in, it soon became clear that walking in the road in her navy school uniform, she was practically invisible to drivers.

We tried to make her more visible: bike lights on her backpack (fiddly), torch (easily lost), reflective luminous backpack (deeply unfashionable).

Could we find a backpack that would meet the teen style requirements but still had the required visibility features? No.

So the seeds of Futliit were born and we launched our first LED backpack in 2022.

Shop for our LED backpacks now - join us and #BeFutliit!


Read more about how we set up the business in How we turned the idea of a light up school bag into an LED backpack Part 1

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