Two teens wearing Futliit LED backpacks

Choosing backpacks for school

So, you're starting secondary in September. Everything is new and there are so many things to think about not least of which is, what backpack should you have? You want something cool and stylish that your new friends aren't going to laugh at, which rules out your Year 6 bag immediately.

But your parents are worried about you walking on your own when it starts to get dark and want you to have something luminous with reflective strips all over it and a backpack light attached. Argh!

A Futliit LED backpack might just be the answer. Our light up backpacks have two strands of white LED lights that can easily be turned on when you need them and discrete reflective panels that are really bright at night.

Backpacks for school need to be big enough to fit all your stuff in, particularly if you don't get a locker. Check your backpack is strong and water resistant, but also comfortable to carry. You're going to have way more books than you're used to and don't forget space for your lunch!

Our school backpacks have loads of space for all your kit with a padded back and strong padded sleeves. There's a padded device sleeve inside hat will fit up to a 15" laptop plus deep water bottle pockets, slots for your phone and headphones and a zipped interior pocket for your bus pass and timetable. Finish that off with a key holder so you don't lose your keys and you're all set!

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