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Why do I need an LED light up backpack?

From September, here in the UK the nights draw in and you'll be walking home in the dark. The prime time for accidents involving pedestrians is 3-6pm, just when most of us are walking home. You might think that living in a well lit residential area would make you safer than living in a small village with poor lighting. But 70% of pedestrian fatalities happen in urban areas. A backpack with integral lights is much more convenient than fiddling about with backpack lights when it's cold and dark!

How do I do turn the LED lights on?

We designed the backpacks to make it really easy to turn the lights on. Simply put the backpack on your back and run your hands down to the bottom of the straps to where they join the base of the bag. The switches are inside the small triangular pocket.

Each switch controls a different set of lights. Press once for fast flash, press again for slow flash and press again for always on. To turn them off just press again.

If you want to see it in action, watch Anna's 'how to' video on our YouTube channel.

Can I change the batteries in the LEDs?

Yes. The switch pocket is velcroed together at the top. Gently peel it apart and you'll see the switch itself. To replace the battery, carefully prise the plastic front off and change the batteries over. Take care to slide the wires into the slot at the top of the cover so they don't get trapped as you firmly press the cover back into place.

Watch our short 'How to Change the Batteries' video on our YouTube channel to see how to do it.

Do the LED lights have different settings?

Yes! There are 4 different settings. Press once for fast flash, press again for slow flash and press again for always on. To turn them off just press again.

Do you have any tips for walking safely?

Head over to our blog #BeFutliit where you will find loads of tips about how to stay safe when walking home in the dark.

What are the backpacks made of?

Our LED backpacks are made of durable and water repellent nylon.

What are the backpack dimensions?

The Futliit LED backpack is H40cm W30cm D16cm and can easily hold A4 files and a 15" laptop.

How much is delivery?

Visit our delivery information page for current delivery costs.

Where do you deliver to?

Visit our delivery information page for delivery locations.

I've changed my mind - can I return my backpack?

We really hope that you'll love your new Futliit backpack but if you've changed your mind, yes we offer easy hassle free returns. Have a look at our returns policy to see what to do.

There's a problem with my backpack - what should I do?

We check all our bags carefully before they leave us to make sure they are in tip-top condition. In the unlikely event that there is a fault, please follow the steps in our refund policy and we'll do our best to sort it out for you.

Are you based in the UK?

Yes! Our LED backpacks were designed in the UK and we're based in Warwickshire in the Midlands.

How do I get in touch with you?

You can email us with any questions or queries at If you'd rather speak to a human, please call us on 01788 296343.

Or you can come over to Facebook, Instagram or YouTube, and hang out with us there @Futliit