A teen wearing a Futliit LED backpack walking in a dark street

What is an LED backpack?

Perhaps you've seen some of our Futliit social media activity and you're wondering what exactly an LED backpack is?

Perhaps you want to know how to make yourself more visible when travelling at night?

Whatever the reason, you need to know about LED backpacks and we can enlighten you (geddit?!)...

LED backpacks - the lowdown

LED backpacks incorporate small LED lights, normally in a strip or block, into the back or side of a standard backpack. The LED lights run off coin sized batteries and have a small switch to turn the lights on and off. The better backpacks have various flashing modes and also include reflective panels.

Why do you need an LED backpack?

Many of us who walk to work or school, know that it can get very dark out there at night and that street lights only cover part of where we walk. An LED backpack can make you more visible at night or in low light conditions, giving drivers and other road traffic a clear indication that you are there.

That can be particularly important for kids who are starting to walk to school on their own for the first time. They need their independence but haven't yet developed the road sense of adults. No matter how much you've drilled them in road safety, even the most sensible child can step out into the road without looking or fool around on the edge of the pavement.

Although there is never a substitute for drivers paying proper attention, an LED backpack can make you that little bit more visible at night and give you the confidence that you can be seen.

The Futliit LED backpack is packed with clever features and if you want to see it in action, you can visit the Futliit YouTube channel. Alternatively, head over to our social media and #BeFutliit 

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